3 Reasons Why You May Need A WSIB Lawyer More Than You Think You Do 

3 Reasons Why You May Need A WSIB Lawyer More Than You Think You Do 

If you suffer injuries at the workplace, you can apply for the benefits provided by the province of Ontario. The WSIB (the workplace safety and insurance board) is a fund run by the Ontario government to compensate workers who have been injured on the job. The WSIB compensations may include financial payouts, slip and fall injury benefits or money for prescription drugs, medication expenses, counseling fee or funeral costs.

“I have a workplace injury. Should I get a lawyer to ensure I am fairly compensated ?”

Ideally, once you suffer an on-the-job injury, you would automatically be fairly compensated after reporting the matter to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and your employer. The assumption is that everything is above board, and as long as you co-operate with the doctors who are treating you, everything will work out well.

Unfortunately, the WSIB process is quite complicated and does not always go so smoothly; it is helpful to get legal guidance while pursuing your WSIB claims in Toronto.

The Complicated WSIB Claim Process

The WSIB claims process may be intricate, especially when your injury involves a motor vehicle crash, since it is sometimes very difficult to establish culpability. The injured person often needs to consult a personal injury lawyer for advice on whether they should pursue the traditional accident benefits provided by the WSIB, a small claims tort case, or a full scale lawsuit. As a workplace and motor vehicle injury victim, you will face the dilemma of choosing between the WSIB benefits and litigation. An experienced WSIB lawyer can help you navigate the tricky issues.

Appealing a WSIB Rejection

Quite often, the WSIB will reject claims because of procedural hitches and the tendency by personal injury victims to file their statements late or incorrectly. Whenever a rejected claim comes back, you can appeal to the WSIB, you can also file your appeal with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal if you feel you have not been fairly compensated.

To many Toronto workplace injury victims, the WSIB appeal process is a stressful procedure. As of 2015, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal reported the capacity to handle 4,000 WSIB appeals per year against a 9,000 case workload; the delayed appeals mean that the injured worker has to wait for compensation.

In an overloaded WSIB system, a lawyer is a priceless safety net who can certify that your WSIB claim form is filed properly and documented within the specified period, thus reducing the chances of the applicant’s claim being rejected. The advocate will also offer legal representation while establishing the technical problems that led to the initial rejection by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. Goodman Law Group workers comp lawyers and experienced paralegal team is just one example of a business that serves to tip the scales in the plaintiffs favour when they are faced with an injustice.

Facing an Underfunded WSIB

The WSIB is in a serious financial shortfall since 2007. The funding for WSIB has been reduced by $77 million and the benefits fund cut by a staggering $631 million since 2006. The number of rejected WSIB claims since 2009 has risen by 50 % often due to the cash shortfall, and The WSIB seems to be failing many injured workers – especially those with psychological trauma issues – as the years go by. Although the WSIB does not necessarily back your claim, your attorney will fight on your side always, especially since they usually function on a contingency basis.

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