Brush Up On Who Is Hiring In The Canadian Legal Field In 2017!

Brush Up On Who Is Hiring In The Canadian Legal Field In 2017!

Lawyers are the linchpins of the business world, reinforcing useful ethical models and pushing for fairness and equity in practices and policies, but the legal industry itself can be an unfair one, often fluctuating, leaving lawyers young and old perplexed and in a precarious position.

The law profession is inextricably tied to the market, and as commerce continues to globalize, and as technology continues to expand into different economic sectors, the legal landscape is likely to shift unpredictably. Compound that with the fact that lawyers now have to compete with a growing number of paralegals, and, yes, the prospects can look bleak, if only because they’re difficult to forecast.

Moving into—or up in—the legal world can be tricky. Maybe you’ve just finished law school, completed the licensing exam and are ready to start paying off those student loans— it can be difficult to know which next steps to take, and articling positions can be very competitive. Even if you’re an attorney who has years of experience, but you feel the need to work for a new firm or company, your search can be equally as arduous as a new lawyer stepping into the scene. That’s where an executive search firm can help you find your career opening.

Whether you’re a law firm partner, business executive or candidate, being connected with the right search firm can make sense of the shifting, changing Canadian legal market. These search firms do extensive vetting of candidates and maintain a vast network of clients with whom they’ve dealt.

In other words, companies and firms trust legal recruiters. This is why it’s good practice, whether you’ve just completed your licensing exam, or you have 20 years legal experience under your belt, to seek out the counsel of a headhunter or a legal recruitment agency, research any 2017 legal job outlook news you can track down, and find out what makes a candidate desirable.

They might tell you that in-house positions are on the rise, or that, while the big Canadian cities lack for work right now, moving to a small town to kick off your career is the most advantageous move. The right search firm can identify where the biggest growth areas continue to be occurring in the legal industry and can identify the skills needed to fill those areas.

To find the right search firm, you should see what other law firms and businesses are saying about them. When it comes specifically to legal executive candidate searches, finding a search firm directed by current or former attorneys is a good idea because they will know better how to use a candidate’s unique background effectively.

As summer looms, it’s high time to start brushing up on who’s hiring in the Canadian legal field this year, whether you’re breaking into the field or you just need to stay current with the shifting trends. Some dedicated, self-directed research will go a long way, and seeking the counsel of a legal recruitment agency will go even farther.

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