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Make private or notarial will – What is preferable?

If one wants to settle his last affairs by a will, one has basically two possibilities: One can write a so-called private handwritten testament or one can create with the


10 Signs You Should Invest in Franchising

The world of business is always changing and moving forward. Franchising is now taking the lead as a profitable business venture. A franchise involves owners giving the rights to their

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How Does Customs Work?

International travel can be very fun and exciting. You can learn a lot about other cultures, of course, as well as world history; but you can also learn quite a


Tips for Hiring the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you looking for a reliable personal injury lawyer? Getting injured or suffering major losses personally on a daily basis can be a challenging phase in your life. There are


Develop your law firm with the best CRM system

In the competitive industry, attorneys look for the best marketing and sales practices to develop their business. There are many new law practices available now, but they are not sufficient


3 Reasons Why You May Need A WSIB Lawyer More Than You Think You Do 

If you suffer injuries at the workplace, you can apply for the benefits provided by the province of Ontario. The WSIB (the workplace safety and insurance board) is a fund