Is my criminal defence lawyer good at his job?

Is my criminal defence lawyer good at his job?

Criminal law is a highly specialised and critically important area of law. If you end up facing criminal charges you could be looking at potential jail time or an expensive fine. With the stakes being so high it’s important to have the right criminal defence lawyer.

If you are being charged or think you will be, you should contact an attorney immediately. When speaking with a lawyer here is a short checklist to make sure that they’re good at their job and will accommodate best for you.

Protecting your rights

Whether you are guilty or innocent you are entitled to human rights and a good lawyer should take steps to ensure that these rights are protected and adhered to. Their top priority should be to ensure that you are treated fairly and humanely by the justice system.

Just because you have rights doesn’t mean that things will go smoothly. Depending on your charges it may get rockier the worse they are. They are doing everything for your benefit, even if the first court appearance didn’t result in the outcome that you wanted. Keep in mind the circumstances and realise that they’re fighting for you.

If they’re not fighting for you it could be time to seek for another representative.

How long they’ve been in the game

Prosecutors and lawyers work hand in hand all the time. They build up relationships with one another and have opinions on their work style. Before you even state your case your representative should have the connections in place with these types of officials.

If they are on good ground for being reasonable and having a good reputation with previous cases, they will be in a better position to negotiate when discussing your verdict or any type of plea deal.

Don’t jump to conclusions if you notice any similarities between your defence lawyer and any law enforcement during your trial. If you notice that they share a similar laugh or sense of humour you could jump to the conclusion that they aren’t really there to support you. However this is a tactic, when speaking to people if you mirror them they see that you are listening more and gain a sense of trust.

This is a tactic to benefit you as they are building good rapport with people who are included in your case.

On the other hand if they are way too familiar with the prosecutor you may need to seek a new attorney.

Did you do it?

A good attorney doesn’t care if you did it or not. A lot of people want their representative to believe them when they say that they didn’t do it. However a good defence lawyer doesn’t care whether or not if you have. Their main concern is winning the case and getting you the most favourable outcome while accessing the information in a non-bias manner.

Rather than wasting time wondering if you’re innocent or not they put their energy fully into the case so that you can get the best outcome you can.

If you have a run in with the law and face criminal charges you need a criminal defence lawyer. There are many different types of lawyers and how they approach your case can differ between them as well.

To ensure that you have the greatest outcome possible make sure that your attorney ticks all these boxes. They are after all there to help you and should focus their efforts into helping you to the bet of their ability.

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