Number One Leading Provider of Pre-funding and Litigation Financing

Number One Leading Provider of Pre-funding and Litigation Financing

LawCash® is the nation’s foremost offer of litigation and pre-funding financing.

LawCash offers some of the best funding services for a lawsuit and some of the lowest rates for the injured.


This firm offers litigation pre-settlement financing advances, advances financing for surgery, post-settlement backing for attorneys and plaintiffs.

If you lose your case, you owe them nothing.

LawCash® is the leading funding pre-settlement company, providing litigation funding for litigants and helps when you need it the most. LawCash® funding pre-settlement allows victims of personal-injury to pay expenses, be able to manage their cash flow and needed medical care, including finance for surgery while awaiting the settlement of their claims. 

Why Use LawCash®

  • They have a proven record of client approval for pre-settlement financing and plaintiff services financing;
  • They are time-tested, and the most reliable funding company pre-settlement in the United States;
  • They did not get in the way of your abilities to settle your case;
  • Fast transfer of lawsuit advances puts money in your bank right now;
  • Receive funds while you’re waiting for your case to settle.
  • LawCash® has funded over 100,000 clients to date.

Number 1

They have been voted the number 1 litigation fund provider by law journals from across the country. If you apply today and you work with LawCash®, they will take your application over the phone and can give you the plaintiff funding, financing for surgery or settled case financing that is needed while you await the determination of your case.


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