The Chicago Lawyer – necessity, art, talent, vocation

The Chicago Lawyer – necessity, art, talent, vocation

Every society needs a strong, credible and transparent justice, and this is achieved with the help of all involved – judges, lawyers, clerks, notaries, bailiffs, prosecutors, policemen – for whom the will of politics is decisive, together with, of course, a harmonization of all the interests that relate to those involved in making a genuine and powerful justice.

Modern society has witnessed a strong development in all areas of life. Even problematic issues have gained a high degree of difficulty, of particular complexity. A modern justice cannot be accomplished without a body of legal professionals in general and especially lawyers who are attracted and must contribute to the accomplishment of the act of justice. This implies a high professionalism, devotion, conscience and good faith. All of these can be found at

The principles of the lawyer

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The most important purpose of exercising this profession is to promote and defend the legitimate rights, liberties and interests of individuals and legal entities, and the lawyer is primarily subject to the law and the status of his profession.

In the exercise of the right to defense, as recognized and guaranteed by law, the lawyer has both the right and the obligation to ensure, by all legal and procedural means, free access to justice, a fair trial, irrespective of the nature of the cause or the quality of the parties, without any discrimination – whether direct or indirect – based on sex, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, age, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, religion, political option, disability, family status or responsibility, political affiliation or activity.

The quality of the  lawyers’ services has increased greatly. Lawyers’ work has taken on new dimensions in terms of quality and subtlety, to the detriment of mediocrity, formalism and linear behavior, lacking logical-juridical and aesthetic-juridical sensitivities.

In order to build a successful legal career, today’s lawyer, must continually improve his personal qualities in view of the current evolution and dynamics of the national economy. He must perfectly understand the mechanisms of the legal phenomenon, the continuous development of knowledge and skills in the field of communication and interpersonal relationships, he must have flexibility and speed in current activities, and in discovering new ways of creating and providing valuable services and consultancy, constant analysis and verification of the activity carried out, and quality in the strategies approached.

Practicing law is not just a profession

Everyone should know that the law is not a profession. In reality, practicing the law is a way of life. It is important for everyone to know this, because when you choose this, it is not just about choosing a way in life but choosing a way of life.

In fact, law means solving problems every day. And the problems faced by lawyers are far more complex than math problems, and incomparably more complex than laws. The science of mathematics is a condition of the quality of the lawyer’s performance.

Because the lawyer is a problem solver, people turn to him in a variety of situations, some of which are hardly related to laws. The lawyer’s experience of operating with rules tends to be valued more widely than in the rule of law.

The most important thing in practicing the law is freedom. A lawyer can wake up at what time he wants and can go to bed when he wants to. That’s not just in theory, it’s true. But the experience of masters shows that in reality the lawyer not only wakes up early, but also goes to sleep late. Why? Because most people are passionate about what they do. To be a top lawyer, you must be probably a bit exalted about what this life means. And a lawyer’s life means: going to court, studying and taking meetings. So, lawyers are free to do exactly what they want. But they usually want to go to court.

Clearly, experience and training are crucial when you are choosing a lawyer. A higher qualification of the attorney you are targeting increases the chances of success of the case, but it does not guarantee them. Similarly, a famous lawyer is not a guarantor of success. Less well-known lawyers, have a level of professional training at least similar to that of well-known lawyers. As experience and training is not only exclusive of age, do not refuse to collaborate with a young attorney, in the detriment of an elderly one. Each age category has its advantages and disadvantages and cannot form a rule to follow. Also, it does not matter very much if you choose a female or male lawyer. In any case, do not let yourself be influenced by prejudices, the professional training and experience are decisive factors.

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