Tips on How to Get Criminal Record Expungement

Tips on How to Get Criminal Record Expungement

When someone is accused of a criminal act, they face serious consequences that can negatively affect their life.  In some cases, arrest records are being publicized.  In this case, anyone accused of engaging in a criminal act, whether or not they are innocent, are subject to public ridicule.  If the accusations proceed to the court of law, then the suspect will be severely penalized.  These sentencing may include probation, fines and even in worst case scenario jail term.  Their reputation has been tarnished by the conviction.  Furthermore, it affects the individual’s quality of life and inability to secure jobs in reputable firm in the future.  

In this case, criminal record expungement offers a whole lot of benefits asides giving you peace of mind.  Though the process might take a long time to complete and a number of errors might occur but it is definitely worth it.  

Criminal record expungement offers the defendant an opportunity to have every criminal act wiped off their permanent record.  If the expungement is successful, then the defendant will regain freedom and be treated by the public as though it never existed.  That way, the victim can take up future employment opportunities of their choice.  

Criminal Record expungement varies from state to state.  While some states allow a complete expungement which will have their public record wiped clean of any criminal act, others do not.  Depending on the state, certain criminal acts does not have any chance for expungement such as child abuse or sex crimes.  Some of the cases where criminal record expungement might be considered are listed below

  • Gubernatorial pardon
  • New DNA evidence which makes the defendant innocent
  • Minor valuations including over speeding or jaywalking
  • Completion of a deferred sentence such as drug treatment, anger management or probation

One of the benefits of criminal record expungement is that the accused will have peace of mind knowing that the criminal records have been completely wiped out.  In other words, they are not affected by the situation.  For many, the public disgrace and embarrassment are long gone with the past.  Now they are living a new life.  For others, it gives them the freedom to gain future employment.  

Following a successful criminal record expungement, no employer of any kind will find out about your past criminal acts on the records, nor will the defendant be asked to state the charges during an employment interview.  In some instances, an individual convicted of a felony may not have the rights to vote.  Furthermore their rights to bear arm might be revoked.  In this situation, criminal record expungement can help restore your rights to the fullest.  

To successfully get your criminal record wiped off completely, you must retain the services of a reputable lawyer who has successfully completed a good number of expungement cases.  These professional lawyers can help you restore your everyday rights.  Getting legal advice from someone knowledgeable in the whole process is a huge plus in getting your records cleared

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