Valuable Tips to Prepare for the First Meeting with Criminal Attorney

Valuable Tips to Prepare for the First Meeting with Criminal Attorney

Criminal charges can be a nightmare for everyone. It is a situation, which needs to be handled by professional criminal lawyers because the legal system is a little complex. Your future can be jeopardized, if you get charged for criminal offence in the state of Long Island or Nebraska or anywhere.

First step will be to find a reliable criminal defence lawyer. Second step will be to get prepared for the first meeting with the lawyer, which can be taxing if you are not all set. Even without preparation the lawyer will try to make the environment comfy and entire process easy but to relieve one’s mind from improbable tension, it is wise to arrive prepared. Below are some tips to help you make your meeting proceeds smooth with the best criminal attorney Long Island.

Tips to arrive prepared for first meeting with criminal attorney

Compile needed documents

If you are not charged still the documents will be little. Alternatively, if you are formally charged then you may need documents like –

  • Charging documents
  • Probable cause affidavit
  • Order to appear for trial
  • Release conditions
  • Any other documents given by the prosecutor or court or by the jail

Write about the happenings

Due to fear and anxiety, you may forget to give vital details to the criminal lawyer, when you meet him the first time. Write a narrative in short beforehand. This ensures that all the applicable information will be provided to the advocate. It helps the lawyer to review your case well, after you leave. In addition, planning a defence strategy gets started in your first meeting itself.

Prepare a witness list

Your criminal lawyer would like to discuss the happening with a witness. These are the people who witnessed the whole crime situation and can testify in your favour.

Prepare a question list

You will certainly feel tensed, during the first meeting. Therefore, write questions, which you desire to ask, so you will not forget to talk over.

Other things to take care of

  • As you are charged with criminal offence, you may be emotionally disturbed but ensure to keep your focus on the case.
  • Avoid being defensive and sceptical.
  • Have faith in your lawyer and give her/him an opportunity to know you.
  • Be honest and open with the lawyer.
  • Give an honest assessment of your opposition, so that the lawyer gets an idea about the strength of your case.


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