What to expect from a family law firm

What to expect from a family law firm

Many people out there who are seeking professional help from a lawyer aren’t exactly sure what type of attorney to seeand aren’t aware of what a family law firm has to offer. For those who may not know, a family law firm is a collection of lawyers who specialise in family law.

Family law is a branch of law that usually covers divorce, separation, child custody, child support payments and more. While a general attorney can always be hired, it is wise to opt for a professional who has experience in one certain area or field. As this is the case, many businesses out there will advertise themselves as specialising in family law only.

This way, clients who need support in the dissolution of a relationship as well as what will happen to any children involved, are able to feel like they are safe and supported in the expert and professional hands of a family law firm.

 As it can sometimes be a little unclear as to what these kinds of firms offer, this article will explore this a little further. Here is a closer look at what to expect when seeking the help of a professional firm as well as what type of issues can be addressed, and how to know who the leading lawyers in your area are.

What type of issues can be addressed?

An expert firm that specialise in family matters are able to help with a wide variety of issues. This may be resolving children matters such as where the children involved are going to live and how much time they will spend with each parent. This can further include any child support payments that are necessary.

These types of payments are usually only paid until the child is an adult, however, in the cases when there is a disability involved these payments may need to continue. In the scenarios where one spouse is a full-time parent and the other is the sole provider, spousal payments may need to be organised until the other person can return to the workforce.

Property matters can also be addressed such as deciding which persons are going to remain living in a home, or if a home is going to be sold and the assets divided. Financial agreements can be drafted, and help can be provided when it comes to making a divorce application.

When it comes to such family issues, they are usually quite stressful and intense. Seeking the help of someone who has experience and knowledge in this field is a wise move so that the process is made as easy as it can possibly be.

What else can an attorney help with?

As well as physically organising documentation, agreements, and applications, an attorney is able to help with simple education. Many people don’t know how a divorce actually works which is why seeking professional help is important.

An attorney will be able to pass on important information about the divorce process such as the fact that a couple must be separated for at least 12 months before they can apply. The couple can still be living under the same roof, but they need to be able to provide evidence that they were in fact separated.

Such evidence may be an affidavit provided by a close friend or family member. Information and advice are also able to be provided regarding child arrangements. Many couples don’t know what they need to have in writing and what they don’t, so it can simply be easier to know exactly what is needed in the eyes of the law. If an arrangement cannot be agreed upon, the parties involved will usually need to attend a mediation.

Whatever the scenario may be, it is usually the best move to seek the help of a professional. This way, everyone who is involved is crystal clear about what is happening, and there can be the least amount of surprises in the long run.

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