With Earlier Trademark – Similar Services or goods

With Earlier Trademark – Similar Services or goods

Here we will begin to see the concept behind similarity of trademark and it is related things. Section 11(1) from the 1999 Act enacts the fundamental principle of trademark law that no trademark will be registered if it’s identical or much like an early on registered trademark for similar services or goods. The needs under section 11(1) is really a corollary towards the exclusive right extended towards the registered trademarks and also to safeguard the legal rights from the traders with regards to the services or goods marketed by them under individuals trademarks.

Probability of confusion:

The probability of confusion or dilution leading to refusal of registration under section 11 needs to be based on:

Identity from the later trademark by having an earlier trademark and similarity of services or goods that is taught in trademark.

Similarity of later trademark with earlier trademarks and also the identity or similarity that is taught in trademark.

Similarity or connection to earlier trademark:

In section 11(1) the following trademark could be declined registration,

if it’s identical or much like an early on trademark, and

the services or goods included in subsequent mark are similar or like the services or goods taught in earlier mark, and

there’s probability of confusion for public if subsequent mark is permitted, or

when the public shall affiliate the following mark using the earlier mark, it’s sufficient probability of confusion to become covered underneath the prohibition enacted in section 11(1).

Courts are developing the jurisprudence and providing a suitable for intending to the brand new provisions. The judgement and discussion underneath the headings, dilution and trade dress might be considered determined by the termOrphrase association utilized in this provision.


When the services or goods are similar, there doesn’t seem to be any have to prove confusion or connection to earlier trademark. Cognizance under section 11(1) needs to be taken through the registrar in ex officio examination.


Section 11(1)(a) and (b) become operative only when among the two answers are achieved

Probability of confusion around the

connection to earlier trademark.

area of the public.

Confusion may arise, if there’s a likelihood for public to affiliate the trademark searched for to become registered by having an earlier mark. The 2nd aspect is enacted to protest against dilution of trademarks.

Connecting the later mark with earlier mark or dilution:

When the public shall affiliate or will probably affiliate the following mark using the earlier mark, it’s a new ground for opposition and is called doctrine of dilution. Under this doctrine there’s a presumption the relevant customers start connecting the trademark with a brand new and various source.

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